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Exactly –it’s not about us, it’s about you.

Who you are, what are you made of, what are you willing to do and, most importantly, what are you looking for. Why are you here?

You are well aware that there’s something that’s not quite right. You see it, you feel it. It’s there, disturbing you, pushing you, making you uneasy. However, you leave it there, hidden, contained, restrained.

You know it and we know it. At home, at the office, on the street, at the bar –it’s there, it’s always there. It’s you, in another dimension –intense, risky, extreme.

It was never about just playing the game or even winning, let alone competing. It’s about struggling and fighting, about taking and facing the risk.

It’s about making decisions knowing that there’s no turning back; it’s about going forward, making mistakes and starting all over again.

You connect with this dimension and you find:
> The best sports betting combinations.

It’s not about what we can offer, but what you are willing to give.

> A 100% customized experience.

We learn from you –and we hope it pays off. We permanently update your own dimension. The more you risk, the more we challenge you. The more you fight, the harder we hit you.

> The best technology and the highest smoothness.

How fast are you? Before even asking for an upgrade, make sure that we haven’t given it to you already while you were wasting your time trying to understand it.

> Live statistics and audiovisual resources to assist you in every bet you place. However, if you need help...
There’s a game inside the game and you know how to play it better than anyone
There’s a game inside the game and you know it’s yours
Go for it!
the first

BetWarrior originated from frustration, envy and failure.

Had we been able to play soccer, basketball or golf with dignity, BetWarrior would not exist.

The first Warriors were us: two frustrated athletes that saw in creating a sports betting hub the opportunity to play against all those that had reached elite-athlete levels.

Then, by joining efforts with Shape, that vengeful spirit evolved until achieving levels of intelligence, power and ability originally undreamed of.

As a result, we, the first Warriors, understood that it was better to play than to take revenge, that it was better to use the game than to break it.

We knew that there are other dimensions –games inside the game, new dimensions to play with and against those who play.

We may not have their big fortunes, their screen time or the camera flashes, but we have the game, and we have them in the game. We fight and we are tough –that’s why we are Warriors.

We are the soccer-players missing the ball, the race-car drivers that crashed, the jockeys that fell off the horses –and yet we keep on playing...